Sunday, August 30, 2009

It Hungers III

Time for the final installment of this story. The circle is complete, as they say. I'll probably come back to this some time, but feel free to comment with ideas.

As always, it works better viewed in full mode. Also, I've included the source file if you are interested.




  1. This is a really good story. I really enjoy reading all your caps.

    I am having a problem downloading them though. I go to the secret link you've been giving out. I login into slideshare and click the get file link but I still get this error message "This slideshow has been marked private by the author. Sorry! "

    Is there something I'm doing wrong to get the file?

  2. Have you logged in and requested that the file be mailed to you? I'll check to make sure that it has the same permissions as the other slide shares. :)